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DVDs are quickly replacing vhs movies as the format of choice for new movie releases. Classic movies are also experiencing a revival as older titles are rereleased on dvd featuring enhanced dvd audio and picture quality.

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As more and more people discover the advantages of movie viewing on dvd, it is expected that eventually most new movies will be released on dvd rather than video.
Because of the high data capacity inherent in dvds many dvd releases have added features in addition to the main movie title, such as interviews with the actors, and documentaries about the making of the film ...[Read More]
In addition many dvds allow for alternate scenes, alternate sound tracks and languages and other features that would never have been possible with standard vhs tapes ... [Read More]
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Run Lola Run - DVD Run Lola Run

This is the story of young Lola (Franka Potente) and her boyfriend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu). In the space of 20 minutes, they must come up with 100,000 deutsche marks to pay back a seedy gangster, who will be less than forgiving when he finds out that Manni incompetently lost his cash to an opportunistic vagrant. Lola, confronted with one obstacle after another, rides an emotional roller coaster in her high-speed efforts to help the hapless Manni   More ...

Cheers the Complete First Season Series on DVD Cheers - The Complete First Season

All 22 episodes on four discs.  Featurettes: A Conversation with Ted Danson - Coach Ernie's Rules of the Game - Love at First Site: Opposites Distract - Stormin' Norm-isms - Trivia game -   More ...

Forbidden Planet on DVD Forbidden Planet (1956)

This 1956 masterpiece of science fiction is now available on DVD. Vastly ahead of its time both in terms of special effects and in its serious treatment of science fiction themes (as opposed to the low budget, drive in quality of many other science fiction movies of the era), Forbidden Planet remains one of the most influential science fiction movies ever made.  More ...

Rabbit Proof Fence on DVD Rabbit-Proof Fence

Based on a true story, Rabbit-Proof Fence moves with dignified grace from its joyful opening scenes to a conclusion that's moving beyond words. The title refers to a 1,500-mile fence separating outback desert from the farmlands of Western Australia. It is here, in 1931, that three aboriginal girls are separated from their mothers and transported to a distant training school, where they are prepared for assimilation into white society by a racist government policy.   More ...

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